Bench Tops

Whether choosing to replace your bench top only or, changing your bench top configuration - there are many choices with various options to take into consideration:

  • Budget
  • Functionality
  • Feel
  • Ascetics

Below explains the various advantages an options.

Bench top alternatives options

High pressure Laminate (Prime, wilsonart, Formica, Laminex, Ultra)

  • The most cost effective (Low cost) product
  • A very large Colour range and selection (over 400)
  • Usually the bench top arrives with kitchen cabinets so no delay in installation.

Engineered stone

  • Thick tops can be relatively inexpensively made compared to granite.
  • Usually has a good colour selection
  • Very good temperature and impact resistance
  • Provides a more contemporary look

Natural granite

  • Large variation in raw material price - Some colours are very competitively priced
  • A good colour selection
  • Good heat and impact resistance

Stainless steel

  • Can be reasonably price if used in straight runs etc
  • Available in a range of different finishes
  • Very impact and heat resistant

Acrylic Corian Hi Macs

  • Usually higher in price compared to granite and engineered stone
  • Has no visible joins so long bench tops are possible
  • A good colour selection


  • gives a warm natural look
  • Can be used as a highlight when mixed with other bench top materials

Tips for getting the most from your benchtop

  • Follow the care and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Consider what type of sink you want - a top-mounted sink can be used with any material. while an under-mounted sink doesn't work with all benchtops.
  • Don't place hot saucepans directly on the benchtop.
  • Don't slice and dice foods directly on the surface - use a chopping board.
  • Don't allow stains to settle overnight - wipe away any spills quickly.
  • Consider the type of cleaning products you use and refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Not all cleaning products are suitable for all surfaces - some products can dull the surface or strip the colour.