Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen makeovers are a cost-effective way of making use of some existing cabinetry. A typical makeover would be reusing the existing carcass (cabinetry internals) and changing the exterior surfaces with up to date products and colours to, give the look of a new kitchen without, the price tag. Or, the fuss of removing the old cabinetry footprint. WE can also apply the same method to laundries and vanities.

A makeover may also include changing bench tops and, adding or altering existing cabinetry - adding bins, changing doors to drawers, changing freestanding ovens to built in are popular options. Can also add new handles, glass splash backs and appliances adding a total new kitchen.

In fact, you can totally customize your own kitchen makeover.

Use your own electrician, plumber and gasfitter or, ours.